Strategic / Perspective Plan


Long Term Goals

LTG: 1 - Identification of the local resources including manpower so as to scale them up to accelerate economic development.

LTG: 2 - Promotion of green marketing practices in the region so as to create health consciousness.

LTG: 3 - Encouraging the faculty to engage in research so as to focus on the socio-economic problems of the region.

LTG: 4 - To design and offer new and region specific UG and PG Programs to enhance the value of the resources.

LTG: 5 - To obtain academic accreditation of the management offered courses.

LTG: 6 - To facilitate students to become entrepreneurs through incubation centre and entrepreneurship Development Cell.

LTG: 7 - To make use of technologies in learning, mutual exchange of views for improving skill sets.

LTG: 8 - To collaborate with Foreign higher educational institutions in business research areas.

LTG: 9 - To establish continuing education program by encouraging lifelong learning (LLL) system.

LTG: 10 - To impress upon the students that all the management subjects are inter-related and meant to promote harmony in the society.

LTG: 11 - To implement Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

LTG: 12 - To create an environment to raise the Institution to the status of University.

Short Term Goals

STG: 1 - To make the campus a residential college to promote interaction between teacher and taught.

STG: 2 - To try to secure accreditation by NAAC from time to time.

STG: 3 - To strive to secure Academic Autonomy for UG/PG Programs from the UGC.

STG: 4 - Strengthen the campus facilities and support systems like laboratories, libraries, sports and games.

STG: 5 - To upgrade the internet bandwidth to support the continuous utilization to cater to the entire campus including hostel inmates.

STG: 6 - Encouraging the teachers and students to undertake research activity. To motivate the teachers to publish research papers in reputed journals by meeting the costs of research.

STG: 7 - Introduce new UG and PG programs as suggested by the New Education Policy.

STG: 8 - Encouraging the multidisciplinary projects.

STG: 9 - To introduce industry-relevant courses with a focus on local resources.

STG: 10 - Foster Creativity and Innovation among the students by establishing Incubation Centre.

STG: 11 - Encouraging the faculty to go for patent rights for the identified rural industrial products.

STG: 12 - Improve teaching learning process by implementing pedagogical innovations like OBE, Extended classrooms (virtual classrooms), blended learning.

STG: 13 - Faculty exchange programs with premier Institutes will help the Institute to adopt successful pedagogy.

STG: 14 - Organizing national and international seminars, workshops and extension lectures by subject experts.

STG: 15 - Organizing field visits concerning the subject of the syllabus.