Research and Development Vision and Mission

About Research and Development Cell

JITS Jayamukhi Institute of Technology and Science

Dr. K. Ranjith Kumar

Dean R&D Cell

+91 9963173639

Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences (JITS) established R&D Cell to promote and encourage research and development activities among the faculty and students with the following objectives:

Creation of enhanced and unified campus-wide research environment to excel over the contemporary researcherswhereby faculty and students are inspired to reach the boundaries of knowledge for the benefit of the community

Collaboration with reputed research institutions around the world in the advancement of knowledge

To become the Voice of the research community at Jayamukhi to ensure the optimal and effective use of intellectual, financial, physical and digital resources

JITS also initiates thesystem of in-house research funding to encourage the faculty and students to get engagedin research work on continuous basis. The Researchers of the institute accomplished 26 Research Projects of Rs. 1,57,39,235/- funded by AICTE,UGC, JNTUH/ TEQIP-III, and TEXAS.

Functions of R&D Cell

To recognize thrust areas of research

To encourage and motivate the faculty members to prepare research projects and to scrutinize them before the final submissionfor funding agencies

To collaborate with various industries/institutions in the promotionof research work

To identify physical and human resources requirements for the execution of research work

To review the progress of research work periodically andto offer necessary guidance wherever required

To make budgetary allocation by the College for funding the research proposals andother innovative projects

Research Areas in Focus:

Name of the Department CSE ECE EEE ME CE BSH
Names of the Research Areas Machine Learning VLSI signal Processing RES integration to Smart Grid Manufacturing Processes, Composite Materials Supplementary Cementicious Green Materials Mathematics
Big Data Antennas & wireless Communications Power Management 3D Printing Geopolymer Concrete Physics
Artificial Intelligence Analog Signal Processing Control Systems Friction Stir Welding Surveying and Geomatics Chemistry
Data Mining Image Processing Power Systems Protection Smart Engineering Environmental Engineering  
Cloud Computing Wireless Communications Power System Stability Analysis EDM Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete  
Adhoc Networks Embedded Systems Micro Grid & Smart Grid   Advanced Concrete Technology  
IoT   HVDC   Structural Engineering  
Data Science       Light Weight Concrete Materials  
Machine Learning       Highway Engineering  
Cognitive Science