Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities has set vision in a multi-disciplinary in nature with faculty belonging to different disciplines namely English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Environmental Studies. The Humanities and Sciences department plays a vital role in guiding the budding engineering graduates so that they have a smooth transition from 10+2 level to the study of engineering and technology.


The vision of department of Basic Sciences and Humanities is to

Make the students excel in the subjects of departments of Technology.

Accomplish academic excellence and proficiency.

Facilitate the holistic development of learners in particular and of all stakeholders in general.


The mission of the department of Basic Sciences and Humanities is to

Lay high-quality foundation through the courses: English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry to ease the learning ability of the students in other technical subjects.

Make the learners realize significance of the basic sciences, and marketing knowledge that supplement technical knowledge in various disciplines of engineering.

Provide an insight into the behaviour-choice of learners towards peer-group, staff and people in society.

Organize department level seminars and workshops to equip the learners with effective speaking skills as a means of communication with the stakeholders of any organization.

Department News & Events

Conducted Workshop on Android Application Development on 13th to 18th Oct 2017

Jayamukhi received Best Engineering College Award

Carrier Orientation Programme on 7th Oct 2017 by T.Sharath Babu from Oracle India,HYD

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Department Testimonials

S No Name Designation Qualification
1 Dr.P.Vishnu Associate Professor & Head M.Sc,M.Tech,Ph.D
2 J.Ramesh Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
3 Ch.Ashok Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
4 B.Raju Assistasnt Professor M.A
5 Sumayya Zeeshan Assistasnt Professor M.A
6 L.Vengal Rao Assistasnt Professor M.P.Ed
7 N.Swathi Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
8 S.Amala Assistasnt Professor M.A
9 G.Krishna Murthy Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
10 T.Jyothi Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
11 M.Venu Assistasnt Professor M.A
12 M.Laxman Raju Assistasnt Professor M.A
13 S.Edukondalu Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
14 N.Swetha Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
15 T.Shruthi Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
16 M.Jyothi Assistasnt Professor M.Sc
17 P.Sreelatha Assistant Professor M.Sc
18 P.Harikishan Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc
19 M.Sravanthi Assistant Professor M.Sc
20 K.Sridhar Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc
21 J.Rajashekar Assistant Professor M.A
22 E.Ramesh Chdra Prasad Assistant Professor M.Sc
23 N.Nageshwar Rao Assistant Professor M.Sc
24 P.Deepika Assistant Professor M.Sc
25 R.Gouthami Assistant Professor M.Sc
26 D.Rupavathi Assistant Professor M.A
27 J.Devender Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc
28 Ch.Kishan Reddy Assistant Professor M.Sc
29 S. Rajesh Assistant Professor M.Sc
30 P.Ramesh Assistant Professor M.Sc
31 G.Sonia Assistant Professor M.Sc
32 B.Sridevi Assistant Professor M.Sc