Electronics and Communication






Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: The graduates should have a solid foundation of conceptual knowledge in mathematics, sciences and basic engineering and other support courses that are requisites for understanding the core subjects of the curriculum.

PEO2:The graduates should have the professional competency in cutting edge technologies and skills to handle modern tools to solve complex technological problems and become proficient in research, design and development of products, processes and systems as may be required in their career in Electronics engineering in a global scenario.

PEO3:The graduates should be endowed with professionalism, ethical behavior, effective communication skills, spirit of teamwork, multidisciplinary approach and ability to relate engineering issues to broader social and environmental issues.

PEO4:The graduates should have the inbuilt capacity for lifelong learning to keep updated constantly with emerging technologies and tools and create a niche for themselves and the institute attracting high demand for employability an in the area of their choice in industry, in research, in academics or as an entrepreneur.

PEO5:To communicate the ideas of the students for effective collaboration with other members of Engineering streams.