Central Library

Central Library

Introduction of Library

The college Central Library located in the main campus which caters to the needs of the students and staff.

The library has 44114 Volumes (B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, and ST SC Book Bank) and 5513 Titles. The institute subscribes for 116 National, 31 International Journals and 12 Magazines. The library seating capacity is 206 total plinth area of the library 700 Sq. Mtrs. Average library users per day ranges between 375 to 597.

The library has been classified into the following sections for smooth functioning and to facilitate the readers.

Acquisition Section

Periodical Section

Reference Section

Circulation Section

Book Bank

Digital Library

Competative Exams Material Cell

Library Timings

Moring 9.00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M.

Holidays 10.00 am to 2.30 P.M.

Sunday is Holiday

Acquisition Section

All the reading material viz., books, journals news papers, etc., required to the clientele of the library will be procured in this section and the bills will be processed for payment to the vendors, The purchased books will be entered in the Accession Register and send to the stack Area.

Periodical Section

The Library subscribes to 116 Print National/International Journals covering all the subjects available in the college. In addition to this a few general reading magazines and News Papers also available to the readers.

The Library also subscribes to E-Journals published by various International publishers like IEEE, SHODHGANGA, ASTM, DELNET, ACM, NDL, MOOCS, NPTL Etc.

Reference Section

The Library also acquired a few Reference Books like Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Year Books, etc. In addition to this one copy of each title is available in the section for reference purpose of students and faculty. The books are not issued for outside.

Circulation Section

The Circulation section caters to the needs of readers for issuing and receiving the books Daily about 250-360 books are circulated with bar-coding barrower card with ID. The students will be issued 3 books at a time, and faculty will be issued required number of books.

Book Bank

Apart form the above collection the library has two book banks exclusively for SC and ST students. There are 750 volumes in SC Book Bank and 644 Volumes in ST Book Bank.

Digital Library

Internet facility is made available to the students and faculty through our Digital Library. All the E-Journals about 8000 are also made available in this section. The NPTEL lectures are provided for the use of students, faculty and research scholars, About 400 E-Books are also available in this section.

Reprographic Section

There is a Xerox Machine at the entrance of a library to enable and Staff and students to take copies of research and other relevant information without taking the Journals and Books out of the Library.


OPAC (On Line Public Access Catalogue)








S.No. Name of the Staff Qualification Designation
1. Dasyam Ranganadha Swamy M.A, M.Li.Sc., PGDLAN, LL.B Librarian
2. V.Ravichandhar Rao M.A, M.Li.Sc., PGDLAN Dy. Librarian
3. R.Anitha B.A., B.Li.Sc Asst. Librarian
4. M.Govardhan B.Com., M.Li.Sc Asst. Librarian
5. D.Raju M.Com, M.Li.Sc Library Asst.
6. P.Saritha M.Sc., MLSc., Library Asst.
7. E.Rajesh MCA Computer Operator
8. K.Sudhakar Rao HSLC Book Bearer
9. B.Sathish Inter Attender
10. Maria - Attender
S.No. Branch Titles Volume National Journals International Journals
1 Computer Science and Engineering 1119 8351 16 5
2 Electronics and Communication Engineering 965 7707 16 5
3 Electrical and Electronics Engineering 978 6764 16 5
4 Mechanical Engineering 586 4650 16 5
5 Civil Engineering 624 4996 16 5
6 Basic Science and Humanities 687 7872 16 2
7 MBA 347 2180 20 4
8 SC & ST Books 207 1594 -- --
Grand Total 5513 44114 116 31
CENTRAL LIBRARY 700 206 5513 44114 116/31

Library Automation

The services in the central Library are fully automated with barcode environment. It is connected to the Campus LAN. The members can access OPAC from their respective departments. The CAMS (College Administration Management System) developed by Athreyi Infotech Services Pvt Ltd., Library Software used in this section.

Circulation System in the library is automated with the bar code and identity cards.

A Digital Library is available, the users can access to a number of electronic free journals and e-books.

There is a proposal to become Institute Member for AICTE –INDEST consortium for Digital Library to access International journals.


S.No Subscriptions
3 ACM (Association of Computer Machinery)
7 NPTEL Videos

National Journals List

  1.   Journal of Institution of Engineers India Series – A (Springer Journals)   (Civil Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Environmental Engineering And Agricultural Engineering)
  2.   Journal of Institution of Engineers India Series – B (Springer Journals)   (Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, And Telecom Engineering)
  3.   Journal of Institution of Engineers India Series – C (Springer Journals)   (Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Aerospace Engineering Marine Engineering)
  4.   Journal of Institution of Engineers India Series – D (Springer Journals)   (Metallurgical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering Mining Engineering)
  5.   Indian Journal of Physics  
  6.   Decision  
  7.   Indian Journal of Advances in Civil Engineering (Serials Journals)  
  8.   International Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering (Serials Journals)  
  9.   International Journal of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Communication and Engineering (Serials Journals)  
  10.   Indian Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Serials Journals)  
  11.   International Journal of Fluid Mechanics (Serials Journals)  
  12.   Journal of Analysis and Computation  
  13.   Journal on Mechanical Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  14.   Journal on Civil Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  15.   Journal on Embedded Systems (i-Manager Journals)  
  16.   Journal on Structural Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  17.   Journal on Wireless Communication & Networks (i-Manager Journals)  
  18.   Journal on Circuits & Systems (i-Manager Journals)  
  19.   Journal on Digital Signal Processing (i-Manager Journals)  
  20.   Journal on Power System Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  21.   Journal on Computer Science Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  22.   Journal on Material Science Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  23.   Journal on Cloud Computing (i-Manager Journals)  
  24.   Journal on Software Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  25.   Journal on Electrical Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  26.   Journal on Electronics Engineering (i-Manager Journals)  
  27.   Journal on Management (i-Manager Journals)  
  28.   Journal on English Language Teaching (i-Manager Journals)  
  29.   DESDICO Journal of Library & Information Technology  
  30.   Journal of Scientific & Industrial Relations (CSIR Journals)  
  31.   Indian Journal of Chemistry Series – B (CSIR Journals)  
  32.   Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics  
  33.   Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences  
  34.   Annals of Library & Information Sciences (CSIR Journals)  
  35.   Journal of Engineering and Technology  
  36.   Embedded for You  
  37.   University News  
  38.   Recent Trends in Civil Eng. & Technology (STM Journals)  
  39.   Jnl of Construction Engineering & Technology (STM Journals)  
  40.   Trends in Electrical Engineering (STM Journals)  
  41.   Recent Trends in Mechanical Eng. & Technology (STM Journals)  
  42.   Journal of Engineering Education (IETE Journals)  
  43.   Journal of Technical Review (IETE Journals)  
  44.   Journal of Research (IETE Journals)  
  45.   Indian Journal of Technical Education (ISTE Journal)  
  46.   Pramana Journal of Physics   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  47.   Proceedings of Mathematical Sciences   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  48.   Sadhana Engineering Sciences   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  49.   Current Science Journal of Physics   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  50.   Resounance Journal of Science Education   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  51.   Indian Journal of Material Science   (Indian Academy of Science Journals)
  52.   IEEMA Journal  
  53.   Electrical India Journal  
  54.   (IOSR) Journal of Mechanical & Civil Engineering (Apex Subscriptions) International Organization of Scientific Research  
  55.   New Building Materials & Constructive Review  
  56.   Journal of Structural Engineering  
  57.   Architect Update  
  58.   Civil Engineering and Construction Review  
  59.   Journal of Manufacturing Engineering   (Society for Manufacturing Eng. Sciences)
  60.   Asian Journal of Electrical Sciences  
  61.   Indian Concrete Journal  
  62.   Electrical India  
  63.   Digit (Computer Journal for Beginners)  
  64.   Electronics for You (EFY Journals)  
  65.   Linux for You (EFY Journals)  
  66.   Facts for You (EFY Journals)  
  67.   Data Quest  
  68.   PC Quest  
  69.   Voice and Data  
  70.   Indian Management  
  71.   Standards India  
  72.   Indian Journal of Marketing  
  73.   Indian Journal of Finance  
  74.   Prabhandhan: Journal on Management  
  75.   Arthasastra: Economic & Research  
  76.   Indian Journal of Computer Science  
  77.   RBI Bulletin  
  78.   Weekly Statistical Supplement  
  79.   Management Accountant  
  80.   South Asian Politics  
  81.   Economic & Political Weekly  
  82.   Management Researcher  
  83.   Capital Market  
  84.   Indian Journal of Industrial Relations  
  85.   Yojana  
  86.   IIMB Management Review  
  87.   Human Capital  
  88.   Abhigyan  
  89.   JIMS 8 M  
  90.   ARCM Business Management and Research  
  91.   Financial Planning  
  92.   IPE Journal (E- Governance)  
  93.   South Asian Journal on Management  
  94.   Management Trends  
  95.   Finance India  
  96.   Journal of Accounting and Finance  
  97.   Business India (Management Journal)  
  98.   Pratibimba (Journal on Management)  
  99.   Indian Journal of Public Administration  
  100.   Foreign Trade Review  
  101.   Jnl of Emerging Market Finance  
  102.   Journal of Entrepreneurship  
  103.   Vision  
  104.   Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation in Emerging Economics  
  105.   Journal of Emerging Market Finance  
  106.   Journal of Research  
  107.   Powerline  
  108.   IPE – Journal on Management  

International Journals

Computer Science and Engineering Department

  1.   IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (Elec/Print)
  2.   IEEE Transactions on Computer Society Membership (Elec/Print)
  3.   IEEE Transactions on Computers (Elec/Print)
  4.   IEEE Transactions on Software Magazine (Elec/Print)
  5.   IEEE Transactions on IT Professional (Elec/Print)
  6.   IEEE Transactions on Green ICT Community Systems (Elec/Print)
  7.   IEEE Transactions on RFID, IEEE Technical Committee (Elec/Print)
  8.   IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (Elec/Print)
  9.   IEEE Transactions on Internet Computing (Elec/Print)
  10.   Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)
  11.   IEEE Transactions on IEEE Membership (Elec/Print)
  12.   International Journal of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Communication and Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  1.   IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (Elec/Print)
  2.   IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery (Elec/Print)
  3.   IEEE Transactions on Display Technology (Elec/Print)
  4.   IEEE Transactions on Nano Technology (Elec/Print)
  5.   IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics (Elec/Print)
  6.   International Journal of Electrical Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering

  1.   IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integrated Systems (Elec/Print)
  2.   IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology (Elec/Print)
  3.   IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing Society (Elec/Print)

Mechanical Engineering

  1.   IEEE Transactions on Robotics (Elec/Print)
  2.   IEEE Transactions on Robotics & Automation (Elec/Print)
  3.   IEEE Transactions on IEEE Membership (Elec/Print)
  4.   International Journal of Manufacturing Science & Engineering
  5.   International Journal of Fluid Mechanics
  6.   IOSR Journal of Mechanical Engineering (Apex Publications)

Business Management Journals

  1.   Foreign Trade Review (Sage Publication Journals)
  2.   International Review of Pure and Applied Physics
  3.   International Journal of Management Sciences
  4.   Harvard Business Review
  5.   South Asian Journal on Management

List of Magazines

  1.   India Today
  2.   Sportsar
  3.   Frontline
  4.   Business Today
  5.   Business India
  6.   Yojana
  7.   Competition Success Review
  8.   IEEE News Letter
  9.   IETE News Letter
  10.   ISTE News Letters
  11.   Employment News
  12.   CSIR News letter

List of News Papers

  1.   The Hindu
  2.   Deccan Chronicle
  3.   Hans India
  4.   Business Lines
  5.   Economic Times
  6.   Eenadu
  7.   Saakshi
  8.   Namasthe Telangana
  9.   Andhra Jyothi
S.No. Name Department Designation
1. Dr.Ghanshyam Singh ECE Chairman
2. Ms.Jose Mery CSE Member
3. Mr.Julekha Tabasum ECE Member
4. Ms. M.Sathyanarayana EEE Member
5. Mr.M.Ramesh H & S Member
6. Mr. Ramya MECH Member
7. Mr.GulamSamdhani CIVIL Member
8. Mr. S.Sampath MBA Member
9. D.Ranganadha Swamy Librarian Convener