About Alumni

It is a common practice that the students after completing their graduation, they recollect their good experiences with the classmates and teachers also. They really enjoy the pleasant memories and crave for repeating their happy moments. Alumni Associations normally recreates such environment and refresh the unforgettable feelings. The above being the backdrop, The Jayamukhi Institute of Technological Sciences Alumni Association (JITSAA) is organized to form a platform to call the old students to meet their past friends on any convenient day to refresh their reminiscences. This platform is enabling the students to share their post-collegiate experiences and expediencies in their lives. Its aim is to promote all time interactions and revive the fraternity feelings among alumni of the institute. The Association also provides an opportunity for the present students to interact with the past graduates. The Alumni Association is helping both the groups to exchange their needs and life aspirations so as to avail the opportunities. Aside the efforts of Training and Placement Office, this Platform is supporting the present students to obtain information about national and international employers and their intentions of plans of recruitment.


The following are the objectives of JITSAA:

To foster the feeling of JITSAA fraternity among college alumni through interactions.

To help the College to gauge the employment environment so as to mold the course outlines over the years.

To provide a friendly forum to share the achievements of the old students in their professional life.

To promote correspondence and communication between the present and past students through digital media and by traditional methods.

To promoting academic and professional excellence by organizing or sponsoring seminars/ conferences/ guest lecturers / publications etc for benefit of the community.

To enable the members of the Alma Mater to share professional knowledge and innovations in the field.

To propagate the innovations and ideas of the association through establishment of Chapters inside and outside India.

To encourage the advancement of Science and Technology through Industry- Institution interaction programs and projects.

To collaborate with other Alumni Associations of academic institutions so as to facilitate participation in potential projects and programs.

General body of Alumni: Name Designation Occupation
1 K.Anil Kumar President Associate Software Engineer,Cognizant
2 J.Ajay Vice-President Technology Analyst, Infosys
3 G.Suhasini General Secretary Associate Professor,GEC
4 V.Sreepriya Joint Secretary Assistant Professor,SREC
5 S.Ranjith Kumar Treasurer Assistant Professor,JITS
6 S.Navajeevan Executive Member Senior Software Engineer,Valuelabs